Scholarly Consultations

Ideas matter. They have the power to shape how people see the world. They open our eyes to new vistas, encourage us to ask new questions about what we think we already know, and inspire imaginative solutions so that we can envision new ways of engaging the world. The Issachar Fund creates time and space to explore many of the important questions and concerns in our four Areas of Inquiry through scholarly consultations. We partner with scholars and practitioners from around the world in gatherings small and large to discuss ideas, interrogate one another on what we believe, and ask “What are the implications of what we are learning?”



Virtuous Character: Common Values, Shared Visions, Amsterdam, July 2017

“Virtuous Character: Common Values, Shared Visions” brought together 26 Muslims and Christians to learn from one another about the teaching and practice of character virtues in Islam and Christianity.

Millions of Muslim and Christians believe their faith has something positive to offer our broken world. This conference reflected our desire to shape a new conversation about topics of interest to both Christians and Muslims, and to support cooperative activities between the faith communities that work for the common good in our societies.

During the conference participants and presenters sat down to discuss the themes and topics that were presented. To see some of the clips from these interviews and to read more about the conference, follow this link: IEX Amsterdam

IDEA Generators Conference, Chicago, May 2016

In a joint project sponsored by The Issachar Fund and the Idea Fund, a group of talented Muslim and Christian individuals committed to generating positive social change came together in teams to design projects related to environmental sustainability in North American college campuses and campus communities through an interfaith partnership. With the guidance of a professional team of advisors, each group went through a process of ideation, project selection, project design and pitch practice, culminating with a presentation of their project to a group of judges and their peers.

To read more about the IGC Chicago, and to view further supporting documents, images and videos, please follow this link: IGC 2016 Conference

Archived Consultations


Istanbul, Turkey May 2015 “Creation: Our Shared Inheritance”

Madison, Wisconsin, May 2015 “The Idea that Wouldn’t Die: The Warfare Between Science and Religion”