Organizations Sustainability Program

While The Issachar Fund (TIF) invests in ideas, we also recognize that there are limitations to that approach because ideas emerge from and are connected to various social networks, cultural institutions and even organizations.

This conviction has led to TIF’s Organizations Sustainability Program (OSP), an evaluation program intended to strengthen existing organizations. We work with world-class consultants and business experts to develop an assessment program that avoids a “cookie-cutter” one-size-fits-all approach to assessment. Critical to the work is an in-depth exploration of the organization’s structure and activities, particularly as they relate to its mission.

Organizations that thrive function like living organisms. An organization’s identity (“Who are we? What is our history, language, character, and culture?”), mission (“What do we intend to achieve?”), strategies (“What actions will we take to accomplish our mission?”) and structure (“How will we organize to support our strategies?”) are indelibly intertwined and need to work in partnership to form an entity capable of sustained engagement on critical issues.

The OSP invites select non-profits working in one or more of our fields of inquiry to participate in an in-depth analysis of these features. Our motivation is to help develop strong partners with the capacity to adopt and endure, to engage current intellectual challenges and to bring new ideas forward.

TIF does not accept applications for this program. All OSP projects are initiated by the TIF Board and staff.