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Areas of Inquiry

Creation and the World of Science
 underscores our interest in a wide range of questions related to humanity's place in the universe. New discoveries across a range of disciplines raise important questions for our understanding of confessional Christianity. We look to engage these developments for the benefit of both faith and science.

Medical Care and Human Dignity highlights The Issachar Fund's interest in the theological and ethical tensions that emerge in the context of rapid change in health care. These changes include expanding health care opportunities (and costs), new medical technologies, and market-shaped desires for efficiencies. Such changes, with their potential to alter the very nature of health care, raise questions for families, communities and societies around the world regarding how to think of patient dignity and personhood.

Human Flourishing in a Technological World
 stresses our conviction that Christian ideas of the good must engage the world of technology. Technology has, as Jacques Ellul noted, assumed new functions in the modern world, functions that presuppose certain values and promote certain ways of thinking.

Creation Care
 affirms our interest in developing an understanding of and approach to care for God’s creation.