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Areas of Inquiry

Science and Faith The Issachar Fund develops, supports and runs programs engaging a wide range of questions related to humanity's place in the universe. New discoveries across a range of scientific and academic disciplines raise important questions for our understanding of Christianity and other religions, and developments in religion pose new challenges for how to understand and apply scientific knowledge. We look to engage these developments for the benefit of both faith and science.

Technology, Medical Care and Human Dignity The Issachar Fund develops, supports and runs programs exploring the theological and ethical tensions that emerge in the context of rapid change in technology and in medical care.  Modern technology and modern health care are about overcoming limits. Both promise unlimited mastery and abundance, and both presuppose certain values and promote certain ways of thinking. It's no surprise that many people have an attitude of deep reverence for technical, medical and scientific authorities. We often embrace the latest advancements as unblemished goods for humanity and creation. New discoveries accompanied by such adulation have the potential to alter the very nature of both our personal lives and our social relationships. This raises important questions for families, communities and societies around the world about human dignity, human personhood and human flourishing.

Creation Care The Issachar Fund develops, supports and runs programs that deepen our understanding of the challenges that arise from human interaction with the natural environment. We also develop, support and run programs that explore approaches to these challenges that care for all of creation—human and natural—as an integrated ecological whole. Toward that end we partner with scholars and organizations that address the full range of critical local, regional and global questions regarding care for God’s creation.

Christ-like Virtues in a Pluralistic World The Issachar Fund develops, supports and runs programs designed to build bridges and collaborations that seek the common good across religious, ethnic, national and cultural divides.  The Christian virtues of love of neighbor, hospitality and hope for peace on earth help us to see globalization as bringing not only new challenges, but also new possibilities for cross-boundary engagements that can lead to human flourishing in all parts of the globe.