Before You Begin

Issachar Fund is legally organized as a private operating foundation. This means that most of our projects are initiated by our staff, in conversation with our partner organizations. However, we also do some traditional grant-making for strategic projects consistent with our mission and priorities. Before starting an LOI, please read through our FAQ'S.

Review Process

Submit a Letter of Inquiry

We are not accepting Letters of Inquiry at this time.

LOI Review Process

Issachar Fund staff carefully review each LOI in terms of overall quality and strategic alignment with our mission. We pay close attention to the tactical details and the capacity for success.  This process may take up to three months.  The strongest candidates on a competitive basis, whose proposals best fit our goals and priorities, will be invited to submit full proposals.  Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome of the LOI review. 

Submit Full Proposal

(By Invitation Only)
Submitting a full proposal is the required second step of the process. Full proposals are by invitation only, after the LOI has been approved. In the full proposal, applicants are expected to provide more specific information about the activities of the proposed project and its anticipated results. A detailed project budget is also required.

Full Proposal Review

Each proposal is carefully reviewed. Proposals are first reviewed by our staff to evaluate their consistency with our mission and interests, their strategic value, and the applicant’s capacity for success. Many proposals are then sent out for expert review. Applicants who submit proposals needing clarification or enhancements will be contacted for further information. Based on the full proposal, as revised, our staff make funding recommendations to our Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Grants can be made only to registered 501(c)3 organizations, per U.S. tax law. Applicants will be contacted via email regarding the decision of the Board of Directors. 

Submit a Follow Up Report

Current grantees can log into the grant interface to submit follow up reports by clicking the following link: Foundant Grant Log In Page.


Issachar Fund is a private operating foundation, not a typical grant-making one. By legal definition, our foundation giving is restricted primarily to our own programs. However, we also invite grant proposals that are consistent with our mission and purposes. We recommend grants only after the grant proposal has been thoroughly vetted and evaluated.

Issachar Fund does not align itself with a particular denomination, nor does it require specific faith commitments from its partners. We support work at secular and faith-based institutions and organizations. We also promote interfaith work that serves the Christian church.

We hold a high view of science and a high view of the Christian scriptures. We support projects that engage the sciences, the scriptures, and the church in a rigorous, relevant and gracious way.

We have helped secure funding for many different types of projects: individual research projects, team research projects, books, journal articles, conferences, small working groups of scholars, church education projects, and lectures. We are open to a wide range of endeavors. We are focused on reaching a variety of audiences: the academic community, congregations, pastors, teachers, thought leaders, the international community, and others.

Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we prefer that your inquiries begin with a LOI.

Visits to Issachar Fund are rarely necessary and are only at our invitation.

Issachar Fund evaluates LOIs and small grant proposals as they are submitted, a process that usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Decisions about large grants are made twice yearly, in the spring and in the fall.

Issachar Fund has helped secure funding for projects ranging up to $100,000. In a few exceptional cases, we have recommended funding for larger projects.

Most projects we recommend for funding are one to three years long. In remarkable cases, Issachar Fund may recommend funding for a project with a longer time span, but approval is needed before submitting a proposal for a project longer than 3 years in length.

We understand that many projects take advanced planning. Sabbatical approvals, course buyouts, calendar conflicts, etc., can all affect the timeline of a project. We will accept proposals for projects up to 24 months in advance of their start date.

Unless otherwise specified in a specific program, Issachar Fund does not have geographic boundaries or restrictions. However, we strongly prefer that international organizations have a U.S. fiduciary to receive funds.

Yes. We currently cap our indirect cost recoveries at 10%.

Yes. However, Issachar Fund strongly prefers projects that are affiliated with an institution (typically a university, research institution, or other non-profit organization). Unaffiliated individuals must find appropriate 501(c)3 institutions to administer their grants.

We typically do not support planning grants. In special circumstances, Issachar Fund will consider planning grants that align with our Guiding Questions.

Yes, in some cases. However, we believe good ideas often invite broad support and therefore we prefer projects with multiple funding sources. This is especially true for projects over $15,000.

We are not currently accepting LOI’s.

The application process begins by submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Issachar Fund staff will then review your LOI. If your work fits within Issachar Fund’s interests and priorities, we will invite you to submit a full grant proposal.

We use the software Foundant for all of our grant management and reporting needs, to log into your account to submit a report click on the link here: Foundant Log-in