In Their Own Words: Christian Leadership for Such a Time as This

Emmanuel Katongole

February 2021 – Angel Agencies Ltd.

This book, by Emmanuel Katongole with Marie-Claire Klassen, is about Christian leadership in Africa. It profiles the stories of eight leaders from the East African Great Lakes region. However, more than simply capturing the story of a leader and its significance in the search of peace and reconciliation in the region, it provides the reader with an opportunity to ‘listen’ to the leaders ‘in their own words’ as they talk about their call, formation, key influences, rhythms that shape their daily lives, the challenges they face, what keeps them going and overall how they understand their leadership in the context of the places where they serve.


This program, initiated by The Issachar Fund, has engaged Emmanuel Katongole (Professor of Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, and founder of the Africa Great Lakes Initiative) and Bruce Buursma (a Pulitzer Prize nominated religion writer) to write a book on reconciliation and peace building in Africa. It will focus on the stories of Christians who have shown great courage working for peace in extreme environments of violence and conflict between neighbors. The book will be produced for a general readership African audience, and will be distributed throughout the networks of the Great Lakes Initiative and the Theological Book Network.