Virtuous Character: Common Values, Shared Visions

Issachar Fund, Templeton Religion Trust

This conference brought together 26 guests from Muslim and Christian communities to Amsterdam to learn from one another about the practice of character virtues in Islam and Christianity. Rare is any conversation about character virtues that are common to different religious traditions, and how it might be possible for people of different faiths to cooperate in cultivating character virtues that advance human flourishing and the common good. The conference reflected our desire to shape a new conversation about topics of interest to both Christians and Muslims, and to support cooperative activities between the faith communities that work for the common welfare of our societies. Millions of Muslims and Christians believe our faiths have something positive to offer our broken world. Our shared belief in human dignity is based on our status as God’s children. It is expressed in the relational character virtues–love, gratitude, compassion, humility, generosity, empathy, charity, forgiveness, and commitment–that are central to the moral visions of both faiths.


An onsite video taken at the conference in Amsterdam, featuring Professor Saeed Kahn, Wayne State University.

Some Reflections on Ummah in Apartheid South Africa

On Mercy, Muslim and Christian Perspectives

On Stories

Keynote Address – Are We Still of Any Use?

The Muslim conception of Ummah

Haroon Moghul, Reflections on the Conference

On Forgiveness, Muslim and Christian Perspectives

Education for Formation, a Christian Perspective

Education for Formation, a Muslim Perspective

On Hospitality, Muslim and Christian Perspectives

On Love, Muslim and Christian Perspectives