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Review Process

Our online portal for Letters of Inquiry (LOI) collects basic information about your proposed project, allowing us to see if it is consistent with our mission and interests. This is the first requirement for any project looking for our recommendation to the Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Please refer to our fund development calendar for submission windows. We do not accept any LOI’s outside of these windows.

TIF evaluates LOI’s during the LOI review period. TIF carefully reviews each LOI in terms of overall quality and its strategic alignment with our areas of inquiry. We pay close attention to the tactical details and the capacity for success before inviting a full proposal from only the strongest candidates. Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome of the LOI review.

Submitting a full proposal is the required second step of the fund development process. Full proposals are by invitation only, after the LOI has been approved. In the full proposal, applicants are expected to provide more specific information about the activities of the proposed project and its anticipated results. A detailed program budget is also required.

Each proposal is carefully reviewed. Proposals are first reviewed by TIF to evaluate their consistency with our mission and interests, their strategic value, and the applicant’s capacity for success. Many proposals are then sent out for expert review. Applicants that submit proposals needing clarification or enhancements will be contacted for further information. TIF staff and Board of Directors then make recommendations to the DAF based on the review process. Applicants will be contacted via email regarding DAF funding recommendations.