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IDEA Generators Conference

“A beautiful and unforgettable human adventure full of emotions and sharing.In these times of permanent conflicts and violence, we often ask ourselves how we could find a bit of peace to keep us going and help us coexist harmoniously. It has definitely become a challenge! But here is an interfaith experience which has reaffirmed my hope and gave me more energy to continue believing that a better world was possible! Where some have given up, others persist in finding a common path of lasting peace.... By combining faith with environmentalism, IDEA Fund (Interfaith Dialogue and Entrepreneurial Activity) and ISSACHAR Fund are among the latter.That’s why I will be side by side with them as long as I can. Thank you for embarking me on this wonderful adventure, so rich and promising, Thanks for giving me a chance to be amongst such beautiful minds. May God protect you all!”

- Kenza Isnasni, Master Student, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. 

"I was able to form strong relationships with other people with whom I shared much in common due to our shared love for creation; I felt that my background, interests, and experience were validated through this conference in an incredible way. There are few other settings where this could happen in such a short time with genuine affirmation. This enables me to live out my interests into the future."

 - Sean Lyon, Student, Wheaton College

“The entire weekend brought me great comfort and joy, having the opportunity to learn from environmentalists, leaders of faith-based organizations, and students involved in environmental projects, globally, I was able to open my eyes and learn new things about the reasons why people of faith care so greatly about our world and environment.

- Suehaila Amen, Coordinator of International Admissions & Recruiting Coordinator, University of Michigan-Dearborn