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About The Issachar Fund


The Issachar Fund partners with scholars, leaders and organizations that seek religious and scientific truth, learning from and contributing to the ideals, values, knowledge and practices of our increasingly multicultural society.


The Issachar Fund is a private operating foundation, not a typical grant-making one. By legal definition, our foundation giving is restricted primarily to our own programs. TIF offers resources to scholars, leaders and organizations exploring one or more of our Areas of Inquiry. Twice annually, TIF assists select organizations in obtaining funds for projects that are consistent with our mission and purposes. We invite grant proposals and make funding recommendations on a competitive basis to a donor advised fund (DAF). We recommend grants only after an applicant's tax status has been verified and the grant application has been thoroughly vetted. Through this mechanism, we are able to secure funding for select projects.

Our Name

The word Issachar comes from Holy Scripture. Issachar was the fifth son of Jacob by his wife Leah. His descendants form the tribe of Issachar, which is referenced sporadically throughout scripture. In I and II Chronicles, the chronicler asks how Israel, a people compromised by exile, can live out God's covenant purposes? Within this grand narrative he offers one pithy and noteworthy description: "[the] men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do" (I Chronicles 12:32).

The love of and pursuit of truth requires knowledge of our times, of key issues, of habits of mind and of the culture's values. It is critical that Christians in our day understand and engage the world in which they live.