Fannie Lou Hamer’s Creation Care Leadership Ethic

Karen D. Crozier

October 2020 – Brill Publishing

In Fannie Lou Hamer’s Revolutionary Practical Theology Crozier acknowledges, analyses, and constructs the civil and human rights leader’s Christian thought and practice. Commonly known for her political activism, Hamer is presented as a religious thought leader whose embodiment of ideas and ideals helped to disrupt and transform the Jim Crow of the South within and beyond electoral politics.

Through primary source documents of Hamer’s oral history interviews, autobiographical writings, speeches, and multimedia publications on or about her life and legacy, Crozier allows Hamer to have her say on racial and environmental justice concerns. Crozier introduces Hamer as a revolutionary practical theologian who resided on the margins of the church, academy, and society.


Scholar’s Retreat in Partnership with the CCCU

In partnership with the CCCU, Karen D. Crozier was an Issachar Fund Scholar’s Retreat particpant in Spring 2017 for the title project “Fannie Lou Hamer’s Creation Care Leadership Ethic.” Her time was spent researching and writing the first few chapters of the now published book ‘Fannie Lou Hamer’s Revolutionary Practical Theology.’