Sinai and Synapses Fellowship

The National Jewish Center For Learning And Leadership

The Sinai and Synapses Fellowship is a select interfaith and interdisciplinary group of clergy, scientists, educators, and writers who are committed to using both religion and science to elevate the public conversation on some of the most important and challenging issues we face, both individually and societally. The Fellowship emphasizes that the biggest questions today require wisdom from both religion and science. With polarization and distrust rapidly increasing, the Fellowship emphasizes building relationships across fields of activity, sparking new ideas and connections, and generating new tools and knowledge and disseminating them to diverse communities. The Fellows are role models, ambassadors and activists for creating constructive dialogue between science and religion, subverting the false idea that in order to be right, we need to demonize “the other.” 


5 Sinai and Synapses fellows host the podcast Down the Wormhole,which explores the strange and fascinating relationship between science and religion.