Our Vision

The humble pursuit of the truth about God and creation.


Our Mission

Issachar Fund partners with scholars, leaders and organizations that seek religious and scientific truth, learning from and contributing to the ideals, values, knowledge and practices of our increasingly multicultural society.





The goal of the Issachar Fund is to encourage encounters between a broad range of perspectives as we explore the big questions of existence, purpose, and meaning.



The Issachar Fund encourages all spiritual traditions—Christianity especially—to become aware of the challenges of our time that arise from scientific and technological development, and to engage in internal and external dialogs about how best to understand and meet these challenges.



The Issachar Fund identifies and supports those who have the preparation, vision, and motivation to discern wise courses of action.



The Issachar Fund disseminates compelling learning and wisdom distilled from science and religion in order to inform and encourage leaders in every sphere of human activity.




At Issachar Fund, our programming is focused on how religion and science can inform each other, and on how religion can help us understand the implications of technology for human personhood. Diverse religious and ethical perspectives enrich our understanding, and support for both scholarship and dissemination of its findings enlarge our contribution to the common good.


Grant Opportunities

Issachar Fund is legally organized as a private operating foundation. This means that our projects are initiated by our staff, in conversation with our partner organizations. 

Recently Funded Projects

Issachar Fund’s mission has evolved over time, yet our DNA remains constant. We encourage collaboration, innovation and learning across the boundaries of discipline, nationality, and religion.  Our programs and projects prioritize the sharing of relevant information and the building of networks that benefit each other and the communities in which we live.